Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christian Anti-Gay Fringe Goes Mainstream, Lively Speaks With Moody Pastor

Scott Lively is a gay-rights activists best friend. The man's Holocaust revisionist book, 'The Pink Swastika', makes numerous ridiculous claims, namely that Hitler and his SS were really all gay, and gay rights will lead to fascism and another holocaust. Lively was also involved in the now notorious "Kill The Gays" bill in Uganda. The man is a walking cliche of religious homophobia and heterosexism.

Lively's Holocaust revisionism has, in the past, caused many more mainstream conservatives and evangelicals to distance themselves from him. That's why I found it interesting that Lively will be speaking at a conference put on by Peter LaBarbera's Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. While LaBarbera is not exactly mainstream, he is given far more credit by the conservative and evangelical world than Lively.

The really shocking part though is who Lively is speaking with, Moody Church pastor Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer. While many may not recognize Dr. Lutzer (though he does have three radio shows that broadcast all over the country, and Moody is a popular mega church), Moody is certainly a household name in evangelical circles. The Moody Church, while not officially affiliated with the Moody Institute or Moody Publishing, was founded by the same man as the other two more well known Moody organizations, Dwight L. Moody.

So what the heck is going on here? Are traditionalist evangelicals, in their desperation to win their losing battle, turning more and more to the wackos? Do they really think that any of the evangelicals who have begun to shift on this issue will be convinced by the likes of Lively? I don't know, but I certainly hope they continue destroying their credibility on this issue by associating with the likes of Lively.

(h/t to Joe.My.God)

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