Friday, September 2, 2011

Hate? What Hate?

I was reading an article over at about Bank of America's firing Frank Turek, who had written at anti-marriage equality screed. The article itself wasn't particularly compelling, same old accusations and victimization along with the typical trope that anyone who does not want to work and/or associate with heterosexists or homophobes is a fascist member of the thought police. What was really interesting though was the comments section. Anytime I need a reminder of how much BS the "we really really don't hate the gays!" line is I just peruse the comments section of any anti-gay article or site. Here are a few choice snippets...

"Oh, and by the way, ever fabricate a reason for man/man marriage? You still can't? Wow, that stinks."
"I have never met a dim-witted homosexual but they are often very immature.
The suicide rate stuff is a fabrication. As is the marital discrimination concept.
Government doesn't ask orientation for death certificates or marriage licenses."
"We label tobacco products with warning labels because smokers die younger.
Since male homosexuals die a lot younger, should they have a warning label?"
"Tens of thousands of homosexuals tell us they'd get married if same-sex marriage were legal.
When same-sex marriage is offered, less than 2 percent of homosexuals actually get married. 
What's the truth? What do they really want? 
If government declares homosexual relationships equal to normal ones, government schools
must offer separate but equal homosexual sex-ed for seventh graders afflicted with the disorder."
"No, homosexuality is more like diabetes. Some folks will get it no matter what.
For others, avoiding certain habits will prevent it and for some others, behavior modification can send the disorder into remission."
"No...I would say [homosexuality is] far worse than leprosy."
"These folks are determined to teach homo-sexual sex to commoner children. 
Notice the obsession with child rapist Harvey Milk. They demand kids honor Harvey because of his lifestyle which included relentlous raping of a youngster.

Have we seen the face of evil yet?"
"10,000 years ago Mother Nature and the Heavenly Father got together and engineered life so homosexuals could never gain access to a childs mind. 
Notice their obsession with the kids. Homosexuals are using the media and government to gain access to children against the wishes of parents. 
Since the dawn of time, homosexuals never had access to the children. 
As society, do we know where we're going? Do we know where this ends?

They do."
"marxist qu.eers"
"you taught your 'son' the wonders of homosexuality, he tried it and it stuck.
Now he wants to use straight nomenclature and so do you, Fine Melech.
Trouble is, the 'son' of David cannot acquire rights equal to marriage
without abandoning 'gay pride'. This is why he refused to marry the man.
David/Sarzak recommend a way that proud homosexuals can gain rights.
Your way is opposed by 99% of the homosexual community.
Most homosexuals refuse to marry.

Most homosexuals want rights equal to marriage, do you really don't care?"
I know what this looks like, but just remember that anti-equality activists' opposition to marriage equality totally has nothing to do with animus towards gay people...

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