Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Albert Mohler on Reparative Therapy

Albert Mohler has written an article on reparative therapy claiming that "the Bible clearly, repeatedly, consistently, and comprehensively reveals the sinfulness of all homosexual behaviors" and "[t]he normalization of homosexuality simply cannot be accepted by anyone committed to biblical Christianity." The entire article really rests on these suppositions. If either of them are incorrect then everything else Mohler has to say about the issue is moot. But are they correct?

Are the Episcopal Church of America, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Presbyterian Church not "committed to biblical Christianity"? Are the Methodists then toying with the abandonment of "biblical Christianity" because they are currently debating this issue? And what about the many gay-affirming Churches in non-affirming denominations?

What frustrates me so much about Mohler's rhetoric here is the implication that because I disagree with him, and because I am a gay Christian, I am not really a Christian and my faith is counterfeit. Even more aggravating is the accusation that anyone who would dare support or agree with me has also abandoned the 'true faith' and either is in jeopardy of losing their salvation or, more likely, never had a real relationship with Christ to begin with.

I am all about having dialogue with those on the other side of this issue, even knowing that all the logic in the world probably won't convince them. But when the other side asserts that to disagree with them is really to disagree with God, and thus tantamount to blasphemy, I fear we have lost any common ground that could lead to a productive conversation.

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