Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bradlee Dean, Another Bigot With "Christian" Friends

Bradlee Dean, founder of the very weird You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide Ministries, has gotten in hot water for insinuating that Muslims are being more moral than Christians by calling for the execution of homosexuals. Now he's attempting to sue Rachel Maddow for airing his comments on national television. He claims that he didn't really mean what he said and that Maddow is committing slander against him.

So did Maddow take his words out of context? Well listen to the whole segment and decide for yourself...

And in case you're still not convinced this man is a bigot, check out his endorsement of Bryan Fischer and Scott Lively's Holocaust revisionism. (And by the way, if Scott Lively is just a lone fringe figure as some conservatives claim, why is he so often cited by high profile figures like Fischer?)

And of course there's the audio of him pining after the good 'ol days when homosexuals where castrated and hung.

And lest you think that this man is just some lone, fringe wacko keep in mind that Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann has repeatedly supported Dean and his "ministry". And she's not alone, Republican Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer came under fire for donating money to Dean's organization as well. Emmer's response to the criticism? "I think they're good people." Good people indeed...

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