Friday, July 22, 2011

Peterson Toscano Recalls Exercism of Anus Dwelling Demons...

In the wake of recent media attention given to Ex-Gay therapies due to the Bachman controversy  Toscano has posted a great article about his time in one such program. Here's the money quote:
"I attended L.I.F.E in NYC back in the early 1980′s as a young person looking for answers about my sexuality and faith. In addition to meeting some new friends, having raucous praise times, receiving Bible lessons, and sharing spaghetti dinners with fellow strugglers, I also got tangled up with an exorcist who tried to extract demons of homosexuality from my anus. She suggested they crawled up there during a sex act. Really I’m not making this up. I was desperate to try anything, but soon after the session started, I felt so uncomfortable I aborted the procedure. Likely the “therapist” assumed it was the demons in my anus who were making a fuss and influenced me to shut it down."
Go read the full article here.

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